Show time waits for us

"Thank you so much for sharing your brushes! <3 Super kind, I didn't want to go without expressing my gratitude ^ ^"   said Anonymous

You’re welcome! I hope you can make good use of them / v \

"Awesome art~! I saw the ask about your brush settings, would it be cool if you posted the abr. file of them for photoshop users? I would really like to try out your brushes uwu If not I understand though :3"   said Anonymous

Sure!! These are the ones I use the most, the rest of my brushes are mostly default brushes and stuff found on the internet haha u v u

"Your latest drawing "next on Hannibal" made me laugh like a crazy person. It is perfect and adorable. Just wanted to drop a note of appreciation of your skill :3"   said memorypalaceofwillgraham

Ahhh that is so nice of you. /„v„\ thanks!!

Next on Hannibal season 2: Will Graham wooing more serial killers and psychiatrists

Not posting lately because I’m busy whining about this show

"vi har snart årsdag hvad ska vi lave på vores årsdag skat ?"   said kaworudaddy

Det samme som vi gør hver dag… være super xtreme

"what brush settings do you use?"   said Anonymous

asddfjg sorry I haven’t used SAI ever since photoshop got the mixer brush tool… These are the brushes I use the most I think:

I customised the brushes myself and can offer them up for download but… not much help if you aren’t using PS haha (*´∀`*)

a0bachan replied to your post: dum b stuff from my twitter

i adore ur silver

Gasps… Thank you… 3 years of drawing a heartgold nuzlocke taught me the trick

dum b stuff from my twitter